독일통합 이후 동독지역의 사회경제적 상황에 대한 연구 -독일통합 5년의 중간결산
A Study on the Socio-Economics Situations in the East-German Region since the Reunification

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서울대학교 지역종합연구소
지역연구, Vol.05 No.4, pp. 85-110
This paper contributes to our understanding of the socio-economic situations in an ex- "real existant socialist" country, reintegrated into West Germany. The findings are as follows:

1) In comparison with other East-European socialist countries is the case of East-Germany unique: the State, "Deutsche Demokratische Republik" , has been irreversiblely dissolved since the reunification of two Germanys. In this sense, the reunification was a process of the one-sided transfer of West-German institutions into East-German"s.

2) From the perspective of East-German inhabitants, on the one hand, it was a "liberalisation" from the bureaucratic-etatistic repression; on the other hand its process was "colonialistic". The relatively well-defined - not "collective" - "individual" rights of labor and some institutional social securities of East-Germany were simply ignored by the West-German politicians.

3) The "transformation crisis" could not be reduced to the transition from the planned to the market economy. Rather, in case of East-Germany, it results from the unnecessary political misconception of Kohl"s government.

4) Recently, the industrial production in the East-German region has been recovered at the level of pre-unification period. Neverthless, its social cost is the catastrophic amount of unemployment.

5) The East-German has been politically under-represented. The power bloc is unbalancedly occupied by the West-German("Wessis").

6) The reunified Germany has seemingly succeded the "system-integration", not the "social integration" . In the long term, this will be the main source of "political" problems in Germany.
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