김정희의 불교인식과 선학(禪學) 논변
Kim Joeng-hee`s Understanding of Buddhism and debates on Zen

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서울대학교 종교문제연구소
종교와 문화, 14호, 2008, pp.95-119
불교선학논변초의草衣백파白坡Buddhismdebates on ZenCho-uiPaek-pa
Until the latter Chosun Dynasty, Confucian scholars had criticized the Buddhism exclusively. However, little by little, some Confucian scholars began to have interchange with Buddhist monks and moreover understood Buddhist thought in earnest. For example, in the early 18th Century, Han, Woen-jin criticized the Buddhism with the Neo-Confucian angle seriously and even the doctrine of Wang Yang-ming by relating it with Buddhism. However, in the early 19th Century, Joeng, Yak-yong who keep good company with Buddhist monks criticized the Neo-Confucianism using the criticism about Buddhism . In the middle 19th Century, Kim , Joeng-hee who had a wide acquaintance with Buddhist monks understood Buddhist thought deeply and participated in debates of Zen which occurred within the Buddhism at that times. As Kim, Joeng-hee was a practical scholar based on the bibliographical study, he has ambivalence of the Confucian and the Buddhist scholar. Although he did not place the Confucianism and the Buddhism in the same class, he tried to show them as compatible methods toward One Way. He had good company with many Buddhist monks such as Cho-ui. Discussing with Paek-pa, he participated in debates on Zen and criticized the Zen in the Buddhist logic
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College of Humanities (인문대학)Religious Studies (종교학과)종교와 문화(Religion and Culture)종교와 문화(Religion and Culture) 14호(2008)
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