빛의 제왕 요(堯): 예(禮)의 원류를 찾아서
Sunlight Emperor Yao(堯): in search of the origin of Li(禮)

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서울대학교 종교학연구회
종교학연구, Vol.27, 2008, pp.1-33
Light-bearer Dragonsolar ritualtree of ten sunsstars of equinoxstars of solstice해제사달제사태양의 나무
According to chinese tradition, Yeo was one of sage kings of
remote antiquity and the founder of Li. The opening chapter of
The Book of Documents is the earliest and most detailed
description on his achievements. I had made, in this paperl, a
careful examination of introductory part of . Some
scholars considered it as a fragment of ancient calendar. others
as an astronomical document of Zhou period. These seem to me
partial understandings, because the record gives a model of
government relating the social order to the celestial order.
It mentions legendary persons and seasonal events : name of
royal officers who, under the orders of Yao, observed the
movements of heavenly bodies and performed solar rites in the
time of vernal and autumnal equinox : name of stars which let
people know the time of activity and that of repose : seasonal
aspects of social life and of animals. It condenses the essence of
Li culture into a few paragraphs. Judging from earlier
researches on ancient chinese astronomy and archeological relics,
it is highly probable that the solar rituals stated in
show us more primitive aspect than that of Zhou Dynasty- I had
treated the latter in other work.
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