Quantitative Study of Thymocytes Injected into Young. Rats born to Azathioprine-administered Pregnant Rats
임신중 투여된 Azathioprine (Imuran)에 의해 면역기능이 억제된 신생흰쥐에 정주할 흉선세포의 정량에 관한 연구

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Chang, Ka Young; Hwang, Young Il; Lee, Wang Jae; Cha, Choong Ik; Cho, Sa Sun; Seoung, Key June; Lee, Kwang Ho
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Seoul National University College of Medicine
Seoul J Med 1985;26(1):1-7
Plaque assayNeonatal T-cell depletion by azathioprineThymocyte inoculation
The plaque assay was performed to determine the optimal dosage of thymus
cells to be inoculated into the neonatally T-cell depleted rats by azathioprine for the recovery
of immune function. The experimental animals were two hundred young rats which were born
to sixty normal Sprague-Dawley pregnant rats, of which 45 rats had 8 mg/kg of azathioprine
orally administered to them on the 7th day of the gestation. Sheep erythrocytes (sRBC)
antigen was intraperitioneally injected into the animals on the 4th & 8th weeks after birth and
simultaneously the thymus cells derived from outbred Sprague-Dawley rats were inoculated
into 4 experimental groups with the dosages of 105
, 106
, 107 and 108 thymus cells, respectively.
The spleens were resected on the 3rd & 7th days after sRBC injection for the plaque assay.
The following results were obtained.
1. In the neonatally T-cell depleted group, there was statistically significant decrease in
the number of PFC, compared with that in the control group.
2. In the 4 week old groups, the normal level of PFC could be reached by the inoculation
of between 106 and 107 thymus cells, in 8 week old groups, by the inoculation of between
105 & 106 thymus cells.
3. In both 4 week old and 8 week old groups, the peak numbers of PFC were obtained
by the inoculation of 107 thymus cells.
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