세포 자동자(Cellular Automata) 시뮬레이션을 이용한 네트워크 중심전 전투효과도 평가 연구
A Study on the Analysis of NCW(Network Centric Warfare) Combat Effectiveness Using Cellular Automata Simulation

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정성진; 조성진; 홍성필
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한국경영과학회 = The Korean Operations Research and Management Science Society
한국경영과학회 2005년 추계학술대회논문집 (2005). pp.3-9
combat effectivenessCA simulation
The recent notion of Network Centric Warfare(NCW) emphasizes the ability to distribute right information at the right time to maximize the combat effectiveness. Accordingly, in the modern combat system, the importance of non-physical element, such as communication system, is increasing. However, an NCW-support communication network system is expensive. Therefore, it is essential to develop a proper combat system evaluation method to establish an efficient NCW-support combat system. Traditionally, combat system effectiveness is measured in terms of physical elements such as men and fire power. Obviously, such method is hardly applicable to a modern combat system. To overcome this difficulty, we propose an evaluation model based on CA (Cellular Automata) simulation. A set of preliminary combat simulations show that CA simulation may be promising in evaluating non-physical element of a modern combat system.
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