Relation between the Peak Acceleration of Aortic Blood Flow and End-distolic Aortic Pressure in Intact Dogs
대동맥 최대혈류가속도와 좌심실 이완말기 대동맥압간의 관계에 관한 연구

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Min, Byoung G.; Kim, Hee C.
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Seoul National University College of Medicine
Seoul J Med 1986;27(4):335-344
Peak accelerationAortic blood flowEnd-diastolic aortic pressure
A quantitative analysis based upon the equivalent circuit model of the left ventricle-
systemic circulation was performed to study the afterload dependency of the peak acceleration
of the left ventricular ejection flow. Also, in experiments with conscious dogs, the left
ventricular pressure, the left ventricular minor axis dimension, and the aortic flow were measured
using implanted transducers before and after quick inflation of a pneumatic occluder
(balloon), circumferentially placed in the descending aorta, to induce changes of the peripheral
impedance with a constant ventricular contractile state and preload. The present circuit analysis
shows that the peak acceleration at the onset of the impulse-like pressure source is
dependent upon the factors of the ventricular performance, and also on peripheral conditions.
The present animal experiments in unanesthetized dogs confirmed the above theoretical results
by showing significant changes of the peak acceleration of aortic flow after changes of the
peripheral impedances. (1052±431(cc/sec2
), p< 0.001 during aortic occlusion and -1833 ±
), p-; 0.001 during aortic release) Also, as suggested in the analysis, the high
negative correlation coefficients( -0.74, p<O.Ol during aortic occlusion and -0.83, p<O.Ol
during aortic release) between the peak acceleration and the end diastolic arterial pressure
were shown in the animal experiments. The present study shows that the peak acceeration of
the left ventricular blood flow may be used as an index of the left ventricular performance, only
when one compares the ventricular function at constant input impedance condition.
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