Fiber Type Specific Presence of GIutathione Transferase Isoenzymes in the Rat SkeIetaI Musele Tissue

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Park, Sang Chul; Lee, Yun Woo; Kim, Woo Ho; Song, Kye Yong; Kim, Chang Keun
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Seoul National University College of Medicine
Seoul J Med 1993;34(2):99-106
Glutathione transferase isoenzymesType II fiber of skeletal muscleSmooth muscleCardiac muscle
Glutathione transferases (GST) are a group of enzymes, majorly
responsible for biochemical detoxification by conjugating glutathione to a set of
hydrophobic ligands. The tissue isoenzyme pattern of the enzymes has been well
illustrated with their significance of histological localization. But in the cases of
muscle tissue, the GST isoenzyme pattern has not yet been clearly studied. In the
present experiment, we have carried out an immunohistochemical analysis on the
distribution of GST isoenzymes using anti GST-P and anti GST-L antibodies on
cardiac, smooth and skeletal muscle tissues. The results showed that the intestinal
smooth muscle and cardiac muscles are very weakly immunostained for both
anti GST-L and P antibodies. In contrast, major bundles of skeletal muscles were
positively responsive to GST-L antibody. Therefore, we compared the expression
of GST-L in the muscle tissues of the soleus and plantaris, which were composed
dominantly of type I fiber and type II fiber, respectively. The data indicated that
only type II fibers in the plantaris muscle tissue were positive to GST-L antibody,
which was confirmed by specific ATPase staining. And the soleus muscle, consisting
mainly of type I fibers, contains a higher amount of GST-P isoenzyme than the
plantaris muscle. Therefore, it can be suggested that the expression of GST
isoenzyme can be used as a type-specific marker for the type II fiber of skeletal
muscles. And moreover, the differential pattern of GST isoenzymes in those muscle
tissues according to fiber types may contribute to explaining the differences in
fatigue-sensitivity of muscles to exercise.
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