Morphometrical and Cytochemical Studies on the Isolated Single Cells from Adult Rabbit Heart
분리된 토끼 단일 심근세포의 형태 계측학적 및 세포화학적 연구

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Baik, Sang-Ho; Hwang, Douk Ho; Park, Young Bae
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Seoul National University College of Medicine
Seoul J Med 1985;26(2):119-124
Single cardiac cellCollagenaseMorphometryCytochemistryAdult rabbit heart
Isolation of intact single cardiac cells was carried out to investigate the shape,
size and structure together with the cytochemical reaction in adult rabbit. Perfusion of the
heart with calcium free Tyrode solution containing 0.04% collagenase resulted in 50% viability
of single cardiac cells which were confirmed by trypan blue exclusion test and Janus green B
stain. Isolated single cardiac cells from the left ventricle and atrium were both rod shape. The
average length and width of the cells from the ventricle and the atrium were 132.9 f.1 m and
10.6 f.1 m, 132.0 f.1 m and 12.3 f.1 m respectively. The isolated single cells from the SA and
the AV nodes were both oval shape and their long axis and short axis were measured as 33.8
f.1 m and 25.0 f.1 m, and 33.8 f.1 rn and 24.6 f.1 m respectively. All the single cardiac cells
contained abundant positive granules after McManus' periodic acid Schiff reaction. The single
cells from the SA node and the AV node revealed fibrillar structures in their cytoplasm and the
single cells from left ventricle and left atrium showed blue cross striations after Mallory's
phosphotungstic acid hematoxylin stain.
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