Microstructure of Ni/YSZ cermets according to particle size of precursor powders and their anodic performances in SOFC

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Jang, Jong H.; Ryu, Ji H.; Oh, Seung M.
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Ionics 6, 86 (2000)
Four different Ni/YSZ cermets were prepared by combining two sets of NiO and
YSZ powders of different size. The microstructural change evolved during the course of electrode
adhesion and cell operation was monitored using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and
energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS). The anodic activity was compared by analyzing the ac
impedance spectra of four Ni/YSZ cermet (H2) / YSZ half cells at 1000 ~ Among the cermets,
the one that prepared from the smaller NiO and larger YSZ powder showed the best anodic
performances on aspects of the initial activity and long-term stability. This favorable performance
is partly responsible to the presence of larger YSZ particles which provide a supporting
matrix to suppress the microstructural change against Ni sintering and concomitant volume
shrinkage, and partly to an easy formation of Ni channel for electronic conduction. Anodic
performances of the other cermets were also discussed based on their microstructure.
0947-7047 (print)
1862-0760 (online)
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