AUTOSCALER for C: an optimizing floating-point to integer C program converter for fixed-point digital signal processors

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Kum, Ki-Il; Kang, Jiyang; Sung, Wonyong
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
IEEE Trans. Circuits and Systems II: Analog and Digital Signal Processing, vol. 47, no. 9, pp. 840-848, Sep. 2000
C languagecode optimizationdigital signal processorsfixed-point arithmeticscalingword-length
A translator which converts C-based floating-point
digital signal processing programs to optimized integer C versions
is developed for convenient programming and efficient use of
fixed-point digital signal processors (DSPs). It not only converts
data types and supports automatic scaling, but also conducts shift
optimization to enhance execution speed. Since the input and
output of this translator are ANSI C compliant programs, it can
be used for any fixed-point DSP that supports ANSI C compiler.
The number of shift operations that are required for scaling in the
converted integer programs is reduced by equalizing the integer
word-lengths of relevant variables and constants. For an optimal
reduction, a cost function that represents the overhead of scaling
is formulated by considering the data- path of a target processor,
program parsing, and profiling results. This cost function is
then minimized by using either integer linear programming or
simulated annealing algorithms. The translated integer C codes
are 5–400 times faster than the floating-point versions when
applied to TMS320C50, TMS320C60 and Motorola 56000 DSPs.
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