갑상선 Hormone의 장기이용에 대한 Cortisone의 작용
Action of Cortison on the Utilization of Thyroid Hormones into the Organs

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Seoul National University College of Medicine
Seoul J Med 1962;3(1):31-40
Cortisone may induce not only certain changes in the metabolism of various body substances, such as protein.
carbohydrate, and electrolytes etc., but also the alteration
of iodine metabolism in the thyroid gland and
the extrathyroidal system.
The present study. therefore. aimed to investigate the
effect of cortisone administration on the distribution
and the fate of triiodothyronine and thyroxine in the
various organs.
Following the injection of Jl31-labeled-I-triiodothyronine
and Jl31-labeled-l-thyroxine into the cortisone
treated mice and rabbits, the uptake of those subst·
ances on the various organs and the disappearance of
blood radioactivity were observed. And the effect of
cortisone was studies by the uptake of 113l.)-triiodothyronine
into erythrocytes and the uptake of Jl31·I·thyroxine
on the survival slices of liver and kidney cortex in
From these experiments, it was found that the uptake
of 1131·I·triiodothyronine and 1131·I-thyroxine on the
liver. heart and kidney cortex was decreased significantly
by the administration of cortisone in the mice while
the disappearance of blood radioactivity was not altered
significantly after the injection of 1131·I·thyroxine into
the rabbits.
There was not any significant differences in the
inhibition of uptake between Jl3l.)-triiodothyronine and
The uptake of Jl31·I·triiodothyronine into the erythrocytes
was not altered significantly by the massive
adminstration of cortisone in the rats, but the uptake
of red cells from the cortisone treated animals was
decreased by the exchange of media with normal
The uptake of 1131·I-thyroxine on the liver and the
kidney cortex of rat depended on the characteristics
of incubation media. The survival slices of liver and
kidney cortex showed high uptake of thyroxine in the
normal saline while the uptake was decreased significantly
in the rabbit plasma. Following the massive
injection of cortisone. the uptake of I·thyroxine in the
survival slices was increased in the normal saline but
it was decreased in the rabbit plasma.
And the possible mechanism of cortisone effects on
the distribution and uptake of thyroid hormone was
also discussed.
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