Comparative Cytoarchitectonic Studies on Posterior Transverse Temporal Gyral Cortex and Superior Temporal Gyral Cortex with the Effect of Aging and Brain Weight Increase in Human Brain
후횡측두회피질 및 상측두회 질간의 비교세포구조학에서 가령과 뇌중의 영향에 관한 연구

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Yang, Bo Kyu; Lee, Byung Lan; Seoung, Key June
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Seoul National University College of Medicine
Seoul J Med 1987;28(3):175-179
CytoarchitectonicsPosterior transverse temporal gyral cortexSuperior temporal gyral cortex
The cytoarchitecture of posterior transverse temporal gyral cotex (Brodmann's
area 42) and superior temporal gyral cootex (Brodmann's area 22) were compared in terms of
effect of aging and brain weight increase. Normal 294 cerebral hemispheres from 147 postnatal
brains (85 male and 62 female) were used. Cortical thickness, relative total neuronal density
(RTND), and relative total glial cell density (RTGD) were studied and compared in each ageor
brain weight-group of both areas, except 0-1 year old age group and 300-800 gm brain
weight group.
Cortical thickness of the two areas showed no significant difference in regard to age, side or
sex. There was no significant difference between RTND of most of the age- or brain weightgroups
of the two areas of the same side brains. RTGD of both areas was affected by aging
and that of area 42 was higher than that of area 22.
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