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Pathologic Findings of the Liver after Portal Diversion in the Rat(I)

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김수태; 김용일
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1977;18(3):156-161
The authors present pathologic findings of the
rat liver which were reported in 1976 under the subject
of the effect of insulin injection on liver glycogen
contents after portacaval transposition in rats for
serial studies on the hepatotrophic portal blood factor.
Lewis and Sprague-Dawley rats, weighing 240 to 410
gm were used for portacaval transposition (PT) and
seventy percent hepatectomy(Hx), and for both. Daily
injection of insulin, Lente zinc suspension. was done
with 10 units per Kg of body weight for portacaval
transposition group, and 5 units for hepatectomized rats, respectively.
The results of pathologic findings as well as
experimental groups were shown in Table I. and the
following conclusion was made.
J. Hepatocellular atrophy, largely centrilobular or
spotty. was considered as a sequence of passive
congestion among experimental groups.
2. Intracytoplasmic glycogen content in terms of
PAS-positive granularity varied to disclose no significant
quantitative difference. However, hypoglycog enization
was more or less confined within the centrilobular
zones. When it was panlobular, the involvement
appeared spotty and meagar.
3. Evidence for individual cell regeneration appeared
negligible, but in the group of seventy percent hepatectomy,
portacaval transposition did r.ot cease the regeneration
activity within about postoperative seven
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