Guinea-pig 결장뉴 K-경축에 미치는 칼슘 및 칼슘 억제제의 영향
Effects of Calcium Ion and Calciumantagonists on the Kscontracturc in Guinea-pig Taenia coli

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1980;21(2):113-121
The effects of Ca" and its antagonists (verapamil,
La') on the tension of K-induced contracture were
studied in guinea-pig taenia coli. All experiments
were performed in Tris-buffered Tyrode solution
which was aerated with 100% 0, and kept at 35'C.
The results obtained were as follows:
1. The K-contrature tension of muscle strips, both
phasic and tonic components, increased in accordance
with an increase of K+ concentration in the medium
and tension reached maximum at 100 mM of K+.
2. During K-contracture induced by 100 mM of
K+, tension of tonic component increased dosedependently
in the range of 2-16 mM Calf while the
phasic component was not altered in this range. In
Ca" free solution, only phasic component of Kcontracture
was produced and tonic component was
3. After verapamil treatment, tension of tonic
component of K-contracture decreased dose-dependently
and muscle relaxed completely at the
concentration of 1 mg/I, however, phasic component
was only slightly suppressed.
4. When La' was added in the medium, the tonic
component of K-contracture was markedly depressed.
The results obtained in this experiment suggest
that tension of tonic component of K-contracture was
created by Ca-influx from extracellular Ca source,
on the other hand, tension of phasic component was
created by Ca-mobilization from intracellular Ca
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