[수미음]의 수용과 잡영류 연작시의 창작 양상-송시열과 김창흡을 중심으로-

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서울대학교 규장각한국학연구원
한국문화, Vol.29, pp. 65-88
「Sumieurn」 is 135 collaborative poems produced by So-ong. The first and last lines of these poems are the same. 「Sumieurn」 took everything of human beings as well as nature as poetic subjects. It has greatly influenced our country and China. In the case of our country, Kang Huimaeng, Seo Gyeongdeok, Song Siyeol, Kim Changheup. Nam Yuyong etc. imitated So-ong's work. The accommodated aspect of 「Sumieurn」 in Songsiyeol and Kimchangheup is examined in this study.

Song. Siyeol considers So-ong and work during the period of exile, from 1675 to 1680, and his representative work is 「Chagangjeolsumieumche」 written in 1679. This work did not deal with various subjects like So-ong's because it was grounded on admiration of ancient history, figures, and books etc.

Kim. Changheup reflected on his creative activity meantime to arrive in last few years and actively expressed manners and customs, history, surrounding things, normal life etc. in poems. The accommodation of So-ong's and Kimsujeung's poetry caused the transfiguration of Kim Changheup's own idea of poetry. He versed his various interests in the poetry section of 「Galyeokjapyeong」 and so on.

The trend of new poetry developed by Kim, Changheup and his literary men lead the secularization tendency of latter period in Chosun. At the same time, it influenced the subjective and free creation of poetry.
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