Colloid Osmotic Pressure(COP)와 중환자의 예후와의 관계에 대한 실험적 연구
Relationship between colloid osmotic pressure (COP) and prognosis of critically ill patients

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이건일; 이상동; 함병문
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1980;21(4):413-417
The relationship between colloid osmotic pressure
(COP) and the outcome of pulmonary edema in 20
critically ill patients who were admitted and treated
in RICU, Seoul National University Hospital was
evaluated from January to July, 1980.
The COP value in 17 non-pulmonary edema patients
was 19.6±2. 56 (S.D.) mmHg and that in 3
pulmonary edema patients was 13.O±O. 37 (S.D.)
mmHg (p<0.05).
The pulmonary edema was diagnosed by clinical
signs, auscultations and chest X-ray findings.
The values of protein and albumin in non-pulmonary
edema group were 7. 4±0. 73 (S.D.) and 4.1±
O. 77(S.D.) mg%, respectively and those of pulmonary
edema group were 4. 6±0. 45(S.D.) and 2. 6±0. 26
(S.D.) mg%, with significant differences between 2
groups (p<0.05). 3 pulmonary edema patients were
treated vigorously and were eventually discharged
after recovery from pulmonary edema.
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