인대뇌 도엽 구벽부피질의 세포구축학적 연구
Studies on Cytoarchitectonics at Sulcar Cortex of Insular Lobe in Human Brain

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1983;24(1):22-42
Cytoarchitectonic studies on the sulcar insular
cortex have been investigated in 153(89 of male, 64
of female, and a sum of 30G hemispheres) normal
human brains taken from newborn to 85 years old
). The average values of cortical thickness,
neuronal and glial cell densities in successive gain
of age and brain weight are presented, and the
average adult values(20~50 years) of them are also
2. Of the adult values the cortical thickness is
measured in range of 2218"-'2281 micra, and is
corresponding to 78. 3~79. 2% in range at 2857~2879
micra from that of the summit.
3. Of relative total neuronal density the adult
value is counted in range of 3S8"-'371 cells at the
sulcar site, and is corresponded to I. 06~1. 09 times
denser insignificantly than :J34~;H7 cells at the
summital value.
4. Of relative total glial density the adult value
is shown in range of 188~533 cells at the suclcar
site, and is corrcspoding to 1. 02"-'1. 06 times denser
insignificantly than 475~G10 cells at the summit
5. Insignificantly different cellularities in both the
sites are parcelled at significantly different both the
thinner sulcar and the thicker summital thicknesses
of cortex, respectively. The fact implies a functional
differency on the morphological difference between both
the sites even at identical insular cortex.
G. During throughout postnatal life an increasing
glial density with a steady neuronal density III
somewhat decreasing cortical thickness could be
considered as a profile of an ageing effects at sulcar
site of the insular cortex.
7. It is suggested that concommitant architectural
analysis for every cortical constituents would be
profitable on detecting more intelligent morphological
interpretation of the ageing process in cerebral
8. None of significant statistical difference is noted
on sexual or side-difference throughout present
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