충수의 과립세포성 병변
Granular Cell Lesion in Appendix

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조혜제; 함의근
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1983;24(1):66-72
In order to clarify the nature of the granular cell
lesion in appendix and to determine their frequency
of occurrence and histogenesis, 488 appendices which
were received consecutively in the laboratory were
subjected to close examination.
Granular cell lesions that very closely resemhle
the cells of true myoblastoma were observed in
3. 1% of the appendices, usually appearing in the
inner muscular coat closest to the submucosa.
The clinical records of the patients in the series
showed an average age prevalence of 34.4 years. The histogenesis and true nature of the grannular
cell lesion and tumor still remain shrouded in
From the reviewed cases, it seems that the granular
cell lesion develops from either muscular or
nervous cell.
The authors assumed that the granular cell lesion
is not necessarily affecting a single specific cell type'
but possibly arising in a variety of cells including
muscle cells and neural cells.
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