Lymphocytes Responding to Primary and Re-infection of Parainfluenza (Sendai) Virus in Mice
Parainfluena (Sendai) 바이러스 감염 쥐의 폐 림프구에 관한 연구

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Lee, Hoan Jong
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Seoul National University College of Medicine
Seoul J Med 1991;32(4):253-261
Sendai uirusLymphocyteFlow cytometer
The cells recovered in bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) fluid after primary
and re-infection of Sendai virus in mice w~re analyzed. In primary infection, total cell
counts recovered in the BAL began to increase on day 5, reached a peak on day 7
of infection. One day after infection, there was a remarkable neutrophil response. Lymphocytes
began to increase on the third day after infection, reaching a peak on day
5. Preinfection lymphocytes were largely CD4-bearing. Most of the lymphocytes on
day 3 and day 5 were Thy 1.2-positive, but double negative for CD4 and CD8 which
were thought to be natural killer cells. CD8 cells began to increase on day 5, reached
a plateau of 60% since day 7, which coincided with disappearance of virus in the lung.
Peripheral differential white cell counts showed a striking lymphopenia lasting 5 days,
and CD4 bearing cells predominated throughout the post-infection period. After re-infection,
lymphocyte response was more brisk, reaching a peak on day 3, but less prominent
compared to that of primary infection. The most remarkable change was observed in
the population of B-cells, reaching a plateau of 30% since day 3 after infection.
In conclusion, there is a major influx of natural killer cells into the lung in the early
phase, CD8 cells in the late phase of primary Sendai virus infection, and B-cells in
re-infection. These changes are not reflected in the peripheral blood.
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