A Pricing Information Service for Grid Computing

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Caracas, Alexandru; Altmann, Jorn
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MGC2007, 5th International Workshop on Middleware for Grid Computing, Newport Beach, California, USA, November 2007
Grid Utility Computing,Pricing Schemes,Pricing Information serviceService Level Agreements
This paper addresses two shortcomings that exist in the area
of pricing Grid services in an economic Grid environment.
The first shortcoming is that there are no standards for pricing
schemes, caused by a large difference in the units that
are traded (e.g. CPU cycles or virtual clusters) in Grid computing.
The second shortcoming is the lack of a model for
managing the pricing of informational elements (e.g. software
applications) and computational elements (e.g. virtual
machines, which comprise resources such as CPU, memory,
disk space, network bandwidth). This paper presents a pricing
service for Grid computing services, which resolves the
shortcomings by introducing a general pricing scheme for informational
and computational elements. We describe the
functional requirements, architecture, and the interfaces of
the pricing service. The pricing service allows expressing
the proposed general pricing scheme as an XML document,
which can be linked to service level agreements. Contrary
to other proposals on pricing, the pricing service is separated
from the functionality of metering, accounting, and
payment. To validate the concept of a pricing information
service, we portray two Utility Computing scenarios.
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