Mapping a Group of Jobs in the Error Recovery of a the Grid-Based Workflow within SLA Context

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Quan, Dang Minh; Altmann, Jorn
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AINA 2007
AINA 2007, IEEE 21st International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications, Niagara Falls, Canada, May 2007
The error recovery mechanism receives an important
position in the system supporting Service Level Agree-
ments (SLAs) for the Grid-based work
ow. If one sub-job
of the work
ow is late, a group of directly a ected sub-jobs
should be re-mapped in a way that does not a ect the start
time of other sub-jobs in the work
ow and is as inexpen-
sive as possible. With the distinguished workload and re-
source characteristics as well as the goal of the problem,
this problem needs new method to be solved. This paper
presents a mapping algorithm, which can cope with the
problem. Performance measurements deliver good evalu-
ation results on the quality and eciency of the method
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