Essential Components for High-Fidelity Aerodynamic Analysis and Design (Keynote Lecture)

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Kim, Chongam
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Seventh Asian Computational Fluid Dynamics Conference – ACFD7 Keynote Lecture 3
RoeMAUSMPW+MLPAdjoint ApproachOverset MeshNURBSASO
The present talk is composed of two parts. In the first part, essential modules for high-fidelity aerodynamic analysis are discussed. In order to resolve high speed flow physics accurately, several high-fidelity shock-stable schemes such as RoeM, AUSMPW+ are presented. So as to achieve high-order spatial accuracy and to incorporate multi-dimensional effect, MLP(Multi-dimensional Limiting Process) is also presented. Exploiting these numerical schemes, some applications for two- and three-dimensional internal/external flow analyses are carried out with various grid systems which can enable the treatment of complex geometries.
In the second part of the talk, key components for ASO(Aerodynamic Shape Optimization) of complex geometries based on GBOM(Gradient Based Optimization Method) are discussed. Sensitivity analysis is performed by a discrete adjoint approach for turbulent flows to save the computational time cost of design process. In addition, flexible grid deformation functions using NURBS function are discussed. In order to avoid the problem that solutions of GBOM are often trapped in local optimum, some remedy by combining GBOM with global optimum strategy such as surrogate models and GA(Genetic Algorithm) is investigated. Lastly, some two- and three-dimensional examples for ASO works based on the proposed design methodology are presented.
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