Robust Synchronization to Frequency Selective Fading Channel in OFDM Systems
주파수 선택적 페이딩 채널에서 강인한 OFDM 동기 기법

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Lee, Jin-Woo; Lee, Yong-Hwan
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Institute of Electronics Engineers of Korea = 대한전자공학회
대한전자공학회 하계종합학술대회, 2004년 7월
synchronizationfrequency selective fading channelOFDM
The synchronization is one of the most important issues in the OFDM systems. Although the cyclic prefix has widely been used for
symbol synchronization, it may not provide performance robust to the multi-cell environment. Therefore, the training symbol method is
usually employed in multi-cell environment. Although the use of matched filter can provide best performance, it may have a problem of
a large amount of computational complexity. To reduce the complexity, Cox introduced a method that utilizes a training symbol that has
two repetitive patterns. However, it may not properly work in frequency selective fading channel due to the delay spread. In this paper,
we propose three-step synchronization scheme robust to frequency selective fading channel. Firstly, the receiver obtains frame timing
and then the symbol timing in the next step. Finally, the delay is compensated to correct residual timing offset. To facilitate the threestep
operation, we design a training symbol that has four repetitions within a symbol period. Numerical results show that the proposed
scheme can provide robust performance with low complexity.
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