박경리 소설에 나타난 모성성의 탈신화화 양상과 가부장제에 대한 대응 방식
A Study on the Aspects of Demystification of Motherhood and coping with the Patriarchal System in Park, Kyung Ri's Novels

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서울대학교 규장각한국학연구원
한국문화, Vol.50, pp. 155-169
Demystification of MotherhoodPatriarchal SystemCalculative MaternityNegative Maternal BloodMother Right
This essay investigates the aspects of Demystification of Motherhood and coping

with the Patriarchal System. It reveals Park, Kyung Ri's insight of the maternal

difference. In Chapter 2, I discussed on the 'Calculative Maternity' which means

mother consciously take into account the exchange of birth and breeding of children

for maintenance of herself in the patriarchal system. Such a 'Calculative Maternity' is

realized by the mother who undergo the alienation from the patriarchal system. In

Chapter 3, I discussed on the 'Negative Maternal Blood' which have influence on the

succession of the patriarchal system threateningly. Such an aspect indirectly reveals

the maternal power, though silenced, authoritative historically, In Chapter 4, I

investigate the Mother Right which follow the order of patriarchal system. The

negative mother who lives out of the patriarchal system try to dominate her

daughter through sad- masochism. It also belongs to the order of patriarchal system

fromthe point of view of 'domination over the children'. The Mother Right owing

heroine of Toji(± tlli ) is established by unequal contract of marriage with Kim,

Gil- Sang who lose his family origin, and it is eventually ruled by the Official

Patriarchal System. Through the discussion of this essay, I make clear that the

literature of Park, Kyung Ri reveal duality of resistance to the patriarchal system and

complicity with the patriarchal system.
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