영조대『續大典』의 편찬논리와 그 성격
Theory of the Compilati on of the「Soktaejon」during the reign of King Y6ngjo and it s Characteristics

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서울대학교 규장각한국학연구원
한국문화, Vol.50, pp. 173-200
SoktaejonTangp'yong politicsKyonggukTaechonKing Yongjo
In this paper, I analyzed the theory of the Compilation of the Soktaejon during

the Early Period of the 18th Century. The Soktaejon, which was compiled in 1746

(in the 22nd year of King Yongjo), on the surface appears to have been designed

to cover all the legal changes which had taken place since the rKyongguk Taech5n

J was compiled. However, from the standpoint of political thought and of the

history of politics, the rSoktaejoru can also be regarded as having been based on

the comprehensive efforts made by Choson society since the 17th century to

stabilize the national order, and an effort to embed the new political mechanisms

which were Ulldertaken during this period as part of the so-called Tangpyong politics within a code of laws.

In compiling Soktaejon,King Yongjo was designed to secure the monarchmore

his legitimacy in order to allow him to intervene and to impose compromises

between the many factions which were then jostling for position.

The Soktaejon was the result of these efforts to search for a new political

management system, to strengthen the authority of the king and further the

acceptance of constitutionalism. As such, the Soktaejon,as a complement to the

Kyongguk Taechon,was meant to promote the usage of the Constitution as a

more practical basis through which to rule the country. Once the authority of the

Kyongguk Taechonu was laid out in the Constitution, the authority of the king,as

the upholder of the Constitution, would be naturally strengthened.
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