정액의 단백질 함량과 효소 활성도에 관한 연구
Studies on Protein Contents and Enzyme Activities of Human Seminal Plasma

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박규홍; 이희영
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1983;24(3):311-323
On the basis of the semen analysis in 6G subjects,
they were divided into six different groups: Group I
.consisted of IG normal subjects with sperm counts
of over 40x IOH/ml and motility of over 40 percent,
'Group II, 7 subjects with norn::al sperm counts but
motility of under 40 percent, Group III, 1" oligospermic
patients with under 40x 10'/ml, Group IV,
1/1 aaoospermic patients, Group V, 10 patients with
vasectomy and Group VI, 4 abnormal patients with
2 hypoplastic testis, 1 klinefelter's syndrome and
testis tumor.
After separating sperm frem seminal plasma by
·centrifugation, the protein contents and the activities
·of hyaluronidase, p-K-acetylglucGsaminidase, ,S-glucuronidase,
ar ylsulfatase. acrosin and azocoll proteinase
were measured in the seminal plasma.
Yasectornized group has 30 percent less of total
protein than normal group. For the comparison of
enzyme activities of seminal plasma, it could be
assumed that the enzymes in seminal plasma were
not contaminated with enzymes of spermatozoa by
testing the enzymes of the seminal plasma from the
vasectomized and az oosperrnic groups.
I t had been reported that hyaluronidase was only
released frem spermatozoa, however, the result
obtained in this investigation showed that azoosperrnic
and vasectomized group had high specific activities
of hyaluronidase. The results indicated that
hyahuonidasc was not only from the testis but also from the male accessory sexual glands. Oligospermic
group (Group III) showed the lewest total activity
of hyaluronidase among them.
The specific activities of ~·N·acetylglucosaminidase
was high in oligospermie group (Group Ill) and
low in vasectomized group (Group V).
These results were contradictory with the pattern
of hyaluronidase activities. This indicated that the
spermatozoa which were stayed in epididymis would
increase the activity of this enzyme.
The specific activity of ~·glucuronidase was low
in oligospermic and vasectomized groups. Group VI
including testis tumor had remarkably high arylsulfatase
activity. Arylsulfatase, a typical lysosomal
enzyme, has been known to be released unusually
large amounts from certain tumor cells. Arylsulfatase
was also released 'with high activities from azoosperrnic
and vasectomized groups. This results indicated
that this enzyme also released from the sources
other than testis.
Acrosin, a proteolytic enzyme locating In the
sperm acrosome, was not found throughout all the
samples of seminal plasma.
The activities of azoco11 proteinase, a non-specific
neutral proteinase VIas nearly identical in all the
groups. This enzyme must have been released from
the sources other than testis.
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