만성신부전증에서 이뇨제가 청력에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구
A Clinical Study on the Effect of Furosemide on the Chronic Renal Failure

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1976;17(1):9-14
Fast infusion of small dose of furosemide produced
acute transient mild hearing loss in cases of
chronic renal dysfunction.
Twenty-four cases were divided into 2 groups:
In group 1, furosemide (60 mg) was infused intravenously
into 15 cases (30 ears); in group 2, furosemide
(120 rng) was infused intravenously into
9 cases C18 ears).
Thirty minutes after injection of furosemide, the
pure tone thresholds were measured using Belton
10 D audiometer and it was compared with the
findings before and 24 hours after the injection.
The results were as follows:
I. Group 1: Pre-treated average threshold in all
frequencies was 14.0 dB forming almost flat curve
and post-treated value was 21. 3 dB in average in
all frequencies with a difference of 7.3 dB. After
24 hours the threshold was returned to near pretreated
2. Group 2: Pre-treated average threshold in all
frequencies was 18.0 dB with almost flat form and
post-treated value was 31. 3 dB in all frequencies
with the difference of 13 dB with slight decline in
high frequencies. After 24 hours the threshold was
returned to near pre-treated value.
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