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The Role of Shenyang-Guan(瀋陽館) during the Mingr Ch'ing Transition

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서울대학교 규장각한국학연구원
한국문화, Vol.50, pp. 57-81
The Second Manchu InvasionCrown Prince SohyunKing InjoShenyang- GuanMing- Clling Transition
After the second Manchu invasion in 1636(丙子胡亂) Sohyun(昭顯), crown prince

of the Chosun had to stay in Shenyang(擂陽) as a hostage for 8 years. During that

time Sohyun and his accompanying officials at Shenyang-Guan(擂陽館)carried out

many works and negotiations that had occurred between the Chosun and the

Ch'ing. These role executions came from not only the urgency of the tasks, but also

from the role expectations about Shenyang-Guanwhich the Chosun and the Ch'ing


Continuously calling attention to the status of a hostage, the Ch'ing pressed

Sohyun to gain advantages and tried to use Shenyang-Guan as a substitute for the

royal court of Chosun. Under the dominant power of the Ch'ing, sometimes

Shenyang- Guan had to yield to the threats. Despite all the difficulties, ShenyangGuan

made an effort to represent the positions of Chosun and reduce losses of


The role of Shenyang- Guan was extended as the royal court of Chosun began to

depend on information about the Ch'ing through Shenyang- Guan and tolerated

discretion of Shenyang- Guan. This situation eventually became the cause of the

conflict between Sohyun and King Injo(仁祖).

Internally having discords with the royal court of Chosun, Shenyang-Guan had to

continue to face the postwar settlement issued by the Ch'ing, In problems such as

buying back captives after war, being drafted from the Chosun, comings and goings

of diplomatic delegations and offering tributes, Shenyang-Guan performed as a main

diplomatic window. In addition Shenyang-Guan was the center collecting and

delivering informations about the Ch'ing. For such activities Shenyang- Guan overcame their situation as a hostage, performed the role of a representative of the royal court

of Chosun and contributed to building a new relationship between Chosun and

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