마우스 암세포 DNA의 반복염기서열구조
Repetitive Sequences in DNA of Mouse Tumor Cells

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1979;20(1):36-43
The kinetics of reassociation of the DNA of
mouse tumor cells has been examined to determine
the amount and repetition frequency of
various DNA fractions. Before the reassociation
experiment the purity of DNA preparations was
confirmed by its melting behavior(temperature
denaturation). The Guanine-Cytosine content of
DNA was also calculated from the melting
curve. (Trn value)
The transplantable tumor used in the denaturation
experiment were Ehrlich ascites tumor,
Sarcoma 180, Yun salivary adenocarcinoma and
Yun liposarcoma. Among 4 kinds of mouse
tumors, Ehrlich ascites tumor and Yun salivary
adenocarcinoma were used in the reassociation
experiment. The results were analyzed by comparing
the pooled DNA of normal liver cells with that of tumor cells.
The following results were obtained;
1. The Guanine-Cytosine contents of each
DNA are as follows.
Ehrlich ascites tumor 41. 5%(Tm: 86. 3°C)
Sarcoma 180 41. O%(Tm: 86. 1°C)
Yun salivary adenocarcinoma
39.5%(Tm: 85. 5°C)
Yun liposarcoma 40.0%Cfm: 85. 7°C)
normal liver cell 41. O%(Tm: 86. 1°C)
2. The amount of non-repetitive DNA of the
tumor cells decreased by about 15 percent, compared
with that of normal liver cell DNA.
3. There are great differences of amount and
repetitive frequency between normal and tumor
cell DNA, especially in the intermediate repetitive
fraction. The amount of highly repetitive
DNAs of tumor cells is increased 2~5% over
that of normal cell DNA. In the case of the
intermediate fraction, its amount in the tumor
cells is approximately twice that of normal
cells. In addition to the increase in amount of
repetitive sequences, the frequency of repetition
is also increased in both fractions of each tumors.
The average nucleotide repetition length
in the intermediate fraction of the tumor cell
DNA is approximately half that of the correspondng
length in the normal cell DNA fraction
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