인태아대서 후횡측두회 Brodmann 제42피질분야 피질의 발육 및 세포구축학적 연구
Studies on Development and Cytoarchitectonics of Cerebral Cortex in Posterior Transverse Temporal Gyrus(Brodmann's Area 42) of Normal Korean Fetus

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1979;20(3):169-181
Quantitative changes have been investigated on
the prenatal development of the human fetal brain
with special reference to the growth and cytoarchi·
tectonics in the cortex of posterior transverse temporal
gyrus(Brodmann's area 42) from 115 korean
fetuses(of them, 61 of male and 54 of female) of
which the age ranged from 5th fetal month to the
end of the fetal life.
1. Of the cortical thickness at 5th month O.7mm
was increased in proportion to increase of fetal
month to 1.6mm at the end of fetal life. O. 7mm of
the thickness in the group of less than 50gm of
brain weight was increased into 1. 7mm in group
of more than 401gm of the brain weight.
2. Of the absolute cortical cell density the hig·
her values observed at 6th and 7th month of fetal
age, and 51~100gm and 101~150gm of the brain
weight groups were decreased with gain of the age
and the weight.
3. Differentiation of the cortical lamination was
completed within 6th month of the fetal age of the
stage of 101~150gm of the brain weight.
4. None of the sexual difference was found in
thickness, relative and absolute cell densities of the
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