시구하부에 있어서 저장성 삼투압자극에 의하여 가토의 혈청에 이뇨작용이 출현하는 부위에 관한 실험적 연구
Experimental Studies on the Diuretic Effect of Serum Derived after Osmotic Stimulations in the Hypothalamus Upon Urine Volume.

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dc.identifier.citationSeoul J Med 1974;15(4):330-348en
dc.description.abstractMany studies have been reported on the role of
the hypothalamus as the regulating center of the
water and electrolyte balance. Since 1962. Rie and
his associates studied on the effects of osmotic stimulations
upon urine volume in various areas of the
brain and demonstrated that the 3 areas in the cortex.
6 areas in the thalamus and hypothalamus and
6 areas in the midbrain showed osmoreceptic function.
In 1972 Rie also studied on the effect of the
serum of the rabbits derived 10 min and 30 min after
injection of H20 into the anterior hypothalamus
upon urine volume. and assumed that prompt and
marked increase of urine volume following the injection
of H20 into the above area was not because
of inhibition of release of ADH or prompt depletion
of ADH in the circulation but another factor. possibly
due to diuretic hormone.
The object of this study is to investigate the diu-retic effect of serum derived after osmotic stimulations
in the various areas of hypothalamus upon urine
volume of hydrated rabbits. Korean domestic white
male rabbits weighing 1. 8 kg were used for this
work. They were well hydrated oraly by giving 100
cc of 2% NaCI solution three times at one hour interval
to maintain positive water balance through each
study. The sites of osmotic stimulations were 6 areas
of hypothalamus in where osmoreceptic functions
were demonstrated in previous studies. 6 areas of
hypothalamus were as following:
1) lower part of fornix in medial preoptic (area C
in Fig. 1-1)
2) lower area of dorsal part of lateral geniculate
body. (area G in Fig. 1-2)
3) habenulo-interpeduncular tract (area J in Fig.
4) a little outside of paraventricular nucleus (area
N in Fig. 1-2)
5) dorsal part of lateral geniculate body (area Q in
Fig. 1-3)
6) lower part of medial geniculate body (area Cin
Fig. 1-4)
Into the above 6 areas of hypothalamus. osmotic
stimulations were applied with distilled water and
0.9% NaCI solution separately using sterotaxic apparatus.
10 min and 30 min later, 1. 0 ml serum was
obtained respectively. When the urine volume of
another hydrated rabbits exceeded 4ml per 5 min.
each 1.0 ml aove serum was given intravenously and
observed changes of urine volume per 5min for over
150 min.
The followings are observed:
1. Marked and prompt increase of urine volume
was noted in the hydrated rabbit by the I\' injection
of 1.0 ml serum derived 10 min after hypotonic osmotic
stimulation into the C area of hypothalamus and
the other hand diuretic activity of the serum derived
30 min after hypotonies t imulation as above
was mild.
2. Also mild diuretic activity Was noted in the
serum derived 10 min after hydotonic osmotic stimulation
in the N area and ( area of hypothalamus.
3. No diuretic activity was observed in the serum
derived 10 min and 30 min after hypotonic stimulation
into the G area, J area and Q area of hypoth
4. Also there are no diuretic activity in the serums
derived 10 min and 30 min after isotonic osmotic stimulation into the all 6areas of hypothalamus.
Judging from the results of these experiments,
the C, Nand, area of hypothalamus have the ability
to produce some potent diuretic substance, probably
diuretic hormone in the serum and itwas the
most prominent in the C area.
dc.publisher서울대학교 의과대학en
dc.title시구하부에 있어서 저장성 삼투압자극에 의하여 가토의 혈청에 이뇨작용이 출현하는 부위에 관한 실험적 연구en
dc.title.alternativeExperimental Studies on the Diuretic Effect of Serum Derived after Osmotic Stimulations in the Hypothalamus Upon Urine Volume.en
dc.typeSNU Journalen
dc.contributor.AlternativeAuthorShim, Tae Sub-
dc.citation.journaltitle서울 의대 잡지 = 서울 의대 학술지 = Seoul Journal of Medicine-
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