융모성 성선 자극 호르몬이 자궁운동성에 미치는 영향
Effect of human chorionic gonadotropin on motility of nonpregnant uterus

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1974;15(2):106-112
In order to investigate the influence of human
chorionic gonadotropin on the motility of nonpregnant
uterus, 150 1. U. of HCG was injected
intramuscularly to adult female rabbits and the
intrauterine pressure was recorded prior to and
after injection for 5 hours with time interval of 30
minutes or 1 hour.
The animals were divided into two groups. They
Group 1. Eleven rabbits with intact ovaries
Group 2. Nine rabbits oophorectomized bilaterally.
The intrauterine pressure generated by the contraction
of the uterine musculature was recorded on
the physiograph through the polyethylene tubing
inserted in the uterine cavity which was surgically
Through the tubing, constant flow of saline
solution was secured by an infusion pump, and the
pressure was transmitted to the pressure transducer
via the liquid column. The area beneath the pressure
curve in the recording paper represented the magnitude
of the pressure impulse (integral) in finite
The frequency of the uterine contraction was
obtained by counting the number of waves in five
The results obtained were as follows; 1. In the animals with intact ovaries. RCG
resulted in the decrease of the intrauterine pressure
impulse (integral) by 'l:l% and the frequency or
contraction by 24% on the average, four hours·
after injection.
2. In the bilaterally oophorectomized animals;
the uterine responses to the RCG Were negligible.
3. It was suggested that exogenous HCG diminished
the uterine motility via the alteration of ovarianfunction.
4. Both the impulse and the frequency of the'
uterine contraction Were diminished, suggesting that
no apparent inverse relationship resided het....een
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