토끼에 있어 혈압변동에 따른 레닌-안지오텐신 활성도의 변화
Changes in the lntrarenal Renin-Angietensin Activities during Alterations in theRenal Perfusion Pressures in Rabbits

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1974;15(2):113-121
Renal perfusion experiments were performed in the isolated rabbit kidneys. in order to investigate
the mechanism of renal autoregulation and determine
the intrarenal existence of converting
In a series of experiments. perfusion pressure
was lowered to 100 mm Hg from the control level
of 150 mm Hg and maintained for 12 minutes and
again returned to the control level of 150 mm Hg•
In another series of experiments. perfusion pressure
was kept at 70 mm Hg for 12 minutes. During each
period, renal arterial and venous blood were collected
simultaneously at the last 2 minutes. Measurement
of RBF was done directly by means of a
flowmeter. Immediately after the experiment'.
kidney was weighed. and cortex and medul1a were
separated to measure the renin activities. Renin
activities were measured by the technique of radioimmunoassay.
The secretion rate of renin was calculated
from RBF and arteriovenous difference of
renin activities.
In the experiments which perfusion pressure was
maintained at 100 mm Hg, the secretion rate of renin
showed no significant changes (from 17.8 to 24.5
rig/min). This data indicates that the changes in
perfusion pressure within the range of autoregulation
responded no significant alterations of renin
secretion. In the experiments kept at 70 mm Hg,
however, the secretion rate of renin was increased
over five times (from 17.6 to 112.5 ng/min). This
result demonstrated that the changes in perfusion
pressure out of range of renal autoregulation resulted
in the severe renin secretion.
Angiotensin I activities in the cortex and meduIla
were 1.63 and 4.03 ng/ml·hr·gm wet tissue. rea-'
pectively. But angiotensin II activities were measured
only in the cortex (29.55 ng/l00mI'gm wet
tissue). not detected at all in the meduIla.
The findings of this study suggest that renin
may playa physiologically important role in restoring
the blood pressure to the pressure within the
range of renal autoregulation. The fact that angiotensin
II was measurable only in the cortex. may
reveal that the converting enzyme is present in the
renal cortex.
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