Fetal Cardiac Anomalies;A Fetal Echocardiographic Study

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Choi, Jung Yun
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Seoul National University College of Medicine
Seoul J Med 1994;35(3):195-202
fetuscardiac anomalyfetal echocardiography
Sewn years' experience of fetal echocardiography was reviewed to assess
the diagnostic accuracy of fetal echocardiography, distribution of individual cardiac
anomalies, and some practical problems of fetal echocardiography in Korea.
A total of 737 fetuses IMlre examined and 45 confirmed and 20 unconfirmed cardiac
structural anomalies IMlre identified. In general, fetal echocardiography was accurate in
assessing fetal cardiac anomalies. However there were three false positive and four false
negatiw diagnosis. In addition, diagnosis was changed slightly in 10 cases. Common errors
occurred in the diagnosis of atrial isomerism, anomalous pulmonary venous
drainage, complex atrioventricular junctional anomaly, wntricular septal defect, and
coarctation of aorta. Some minor errors in diagnosis seemed unavoidable but this rarely
had an important effect on prognosis. The common cardiac anomalies were ventrtcular
septal defect, tetralogy of Fallot, and hypoplastic left heart syndrome.
Fetal echocardiography in Korea is at an early stage and does haw many problems.
Some of the problems are 1) insufficient number of doctors capable of doing fetal echocardiography,
2) few cardiac pathologists. 3) people's attitude toward congenital
anomalies, 4) high rate of termination of pregnacy when fetal anomaly is found, and 5)
doctors' lack of interest in confirming anomalies in stilbom fetuses or terminated products
of pregnancy. Continuing education to the society and medical personnel seems urgent
to soloe some of these problems.
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