Synthetic Jet을 이용한 유동제어 특성연구 = Study of flow control character using synthetic jet

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홍우람; 김상훈; 김우레; 김유신; 김종암
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한국전산유체공학회 = Korean Society of Computational Fluids Engineering
한국전산유체공학회 2007년도 춘계학술대회논문집, 2007. 4 , pp. 72-78
synthetic jetmulti-blockvorticity
To develop the aerodynamic performance, there are widely two group of studies are achieved. The first one is about design of the vehicles geometry and the second one is about aerodynamic devices. Geometry design is highly credible and stable method. But it is not flexible and each parts are related interactively. So if one part geometry are modified, the other parts are required to be redesigned. The other hand, flow control by aerodynamic device is flexible and modulized method. Though it needs energy, relatively little input makes far advanced aerodynamic performance. Synthetic Jet is one of the second group method. The device repeats suction and blowing motion in constant frequency. According to the performance, the flow which are near the flight surface are served momentum. This mechanism can reduce the aerodynamic loss by boundary layer and separated flow. Synthetic jet actuator has several parameters, that influence the flow control. This study focus the parameters effects of the synthetic jet - orifice geometry, frequency, jet speed and etc.
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