Ultra Wideband Propagation Characteristics in Office Eenvironments

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Kim, Seong-Cheol; Kang, Noh-Gyoung; Sung, Yu-Suk; Choi, Jinwon
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ITC-CSCC 2005, The 20th International Technical Conference on Circuits/Systems, Computers and Communications, pp. 527-528, 2005
Ultra Wideband (UWB) is the promising candidate for
short-range high-speed wireless communication system. But, the
UWB propagation characteristics, the fundamental resource for
overall system design, have not fully analyzed yet. In this work,
we investigated the UWB indoor propagation characteristics in
office environments. So, we constructed the UWB channel
measurement system using the frequency sweep method to
measure the frequency responses on the 5GHz ~ 6.6GHz band.
The measurements were performed in the 2 different offices, 34
receiver positions (20 positions are line-of-sight and 14 positions
are non line-of-sight). From these measurement results, firstly, we
modeled the path loss behavior of UWB signal. The path loss
exponent and variance of log-distance law are suggested. Not only
in case of full band, but also in case of each sub-band path loss
parameters are analyzed. Then, the distributions of received signal
powers are compared with the Gaussian distribution according to
the receiver condition. Finally, for 9 receiver positions located in
the corridor, the propagation characteristic difference between the
case when a door is closed and the case when a door is opened is
reported. The additional path loss and loss due to the door material
and frequency selective characteristics are primarily analyzed.
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