강구조를 위한 직접비탄성설계법
Direct Inelastic Design for Steel Structures

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박홍근; 엄태성
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한국강구조학회 = Korean Society of Steel Construction
한국강구조학회논문집, 제16권, 제2호, pp. 181-190
inelastic designplastic designsecant stiffnessinelastic analysissteel structure비선형설계소성설계할선강성비선형해석강구조
A new inelastic design method performing iterative calculations using secant stiffness was developed. Since the proposed design method uses linear analysis, it is convenient and stable in numerical analysis. At the same time, the proposed design method can accurately estimate the inelastic strength and ductility demands of the members by performing iterative calculation. In the present study, the procedure of the proposed design method was established, and a computer program incorporating the proposed method was developed. Design examples using the proposed method were presented, and its advantages were highlighted by comparisons with existing design methods using elastic or plastic analysis. Unlike the existing inelastic design methods performing the preliminary design on the structure and checking its validity using nonlinear analysis, the proposed integrated analysis-design method can directly calculate the strength and ductility demands of each member. In addition, the proposed design method can address the inelastic design strategy intended by the engineer, such as strength and ductility limits of members ana the design concept. of strong-column and weak-beam. As a result, economical and safe design can be achieved.
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