굶주린 흰쥐의 혈액량
Blood Volume of the Fasted Rats.

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전병렬; 민건식; 성영환; 이윤형
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1964;5(1):17-20
Blood volume determinations by means of T-1824
dilution were made on two groups of rats: the first
group was the normal control group consisted of 16
rats, the second group was starved for 5 days with
free access to water and consisted of 18 rats. After
the measurement of blood volume animals were sacrineed
and the determination of lean body mass was
made by means of underwater weighing. Comparisons
were made between the control and the fasted group.
The absolute value of plasma and blood volume was
found to decrease relative to the initial body weight
before the beginning of fasting in the fasted group.
Plasma and blood volume. however, expressed on the
basis of the final body weight or lean body mass was
found to increase in the fasted group.
In fasting, body weight, plasma volume and lean
body mass decreased with different rate. The rate of
decrease was largest in body weight and smallest in
lean body mass. Therefore, plasma or blood volume
relative to the final body weight showed the greater
increase than the value expressed on the basis of lean
body mass. In expressing plasma or blood volume in
the fasted rat lean body mass was the best reference.
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