대신장지수로 본 한국인 태아골반의 발육상
Devlopmental Features of Pelves in Korean Fetuses: Based on Indices to Stature

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오경근; 남궁윤; 김덕현
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1964;5(1):31-39
The indices to stature were determined by measuring
18 items in the 365 fetal pelves and the following
conclusions have been drawn.
1. The growth rate of the fetal pelvis is a little
higher than that of the stature.
2. The growth rate of the greater pelvis is slightly
higher than that of the lesser pelvis.
3. The growth rate of the sagittal diameters of the
greater pelvis is higher than that of its transverse
and longitudinal diameters.
4. The growth rate of longitudinal diameters of the
lesser pelvis is higher than that of its sagittal and
transverse diameters.
5. The indices of the transverse diameters of] the
pelvic outlet and the inter-ischial spine distance to
stature in female are larger than those in the male,
but in all the other items no sexual differences are
6. There are no differences in all the indices to
stature between both right and left sides.
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College of Medicine/School of Medicine (의과대학/대학원)Dept. of Medicine (의학과)The Seoul Journal of MedicineThe Seoul Journal of Medicine Vol. 05 No.1 (1964)
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