한국인 태아간장의 혈관계에 관한 형태학적 연구 제2편 간내혈관계
Morphological Studies on the Blood Vascular System in the Liver of Korean Fetus Part II: Intrahepatic Vascular System

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1964;5(2):53-81
Present study has been made to clearify the modus
of the intrahepatic blood vascular system in the fetus
liver and changes of the vascular patterns during the
prenatal development. In addition to that, attemps have
been made to compare the vascular patterns of the
fetus liver with those of the adult and confirm the
classification of the liver segments which was proposed
by prof. K.R. Chang and S.Y. Ryu in 1961-
Colored vinylite-acctone corrosion casts of 164 fetus
livers aged from 5 month to 10 month of fetal life were
prepared for this study, and the results are summarized
as follows;
1. Average angle between the left and right branches.
of the portal vein was from 118° to 1580
, almost constant
throughout the fetal period.
2. Length of the right branch of the portal vein
was very short during the anterior half of the fetal
period and developed very rapidly to get the samelength
as the left one at the end of the fetal life.
3. Angle between the transverse part and the umbilical
part of the left trunk of the porta.l vein was
between 91° to 106°. and the boundary between the
two parts was not so distinct as in the adult liver.
4. The patterns of the intrahepatic vascular systems
were resemble to those of the adult liver.
5. Because of the presence of the umbilical vein the
intrahepatic portal system of the left hepatic lobe was
well developed and its portal branches were morenumerous.
6. Variation of the origins of the portal branches in'
the medioposterior segment was frequently observed.
7. Under the careful observation, several special,
ramification modus was found, which was not reported
8. Venulae hepaticae cramiales of Elias were wen
developed in the fetus liver than that of the adult.
9. The number of the short hepatic veins was 1115
in the adult liver but that of the fetus liver was,
much more numerous.
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