우리나라 일부농촌지역의 민속으료에 관한 조사연구
A Survey on the Folk Medicine in Farm Area of Korea

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한명렬; 김선화; 허정
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1964;5(3):7-15
The Study was carried out during the 2 month period
from November 1 through October 30 1962 for
the purpose of grasping the status of folk medisine
practice in the farm area of Kyunggi-do,
The total 1230 households were interviewed to
answer the questionaires regarding their illness and
utilization of folk mederine.
The following results were obtained:
1) The illnesses in which folk medisine was utilized
so often were such as diseases of respiratory and
digestive system, infectious and parasitic diseases.
2) The contents of folk medicine practice included
various herbs, raw animal organs, and many unhygienic
methods in terms of scientific medicine.
3) The most of the prersons utilized folk medicine
did not utilized any medical facilities.
4) Average total sickness days per case was 26± 1
5 days and pre-treatment period prior to folk medic·
ine was 9 ± 8 days.
5) The folk medicine was utilized more frequently
in male than female; younger population than seniors;
non than readers of newspaper.
6) The folk medicine was utilized more frequently
in small-size farming households than large-one.
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