개의 CO2-HCO3 pool의 교체율에 관한 연구
Turnover rate of CO2-HCO3 pool into the Normal Dog

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1970;11(3):27-33
After single injection of Na HC"03 into the normal
dog, respiratory CO, and plasma samples were collected
at intervals of 5 or 10 minutes. Both samples were
analyzed for specific activities of C"O, and SA-time
curves were plotted on the semilogarhythmic paper.
0,1 the basis of SA-tim~ curve, CO, pool, CO, space
and turnover rates of C02 pool were calculated. In the
calculation of CO, pool, errors dua to initial massive
- 32-
loss of radioactivities into respiratory CUOz before
equilibriation of injected CUOz in the COz pool were
corrected by shifting the t=O extrapolation to t=5
minutes and obtaing the total radioactivities in the
body 5 minute after the single injection of NaHCu03
by substracting the redioactivities expired into respiratory
COz during first 5 minutes from total radioactivities
injected. Results obtained were as follow.
1. Comparisons were made between SA of respiratory
CUOz and plasma CUOz• First 5 minutes samples were
always higher about 60% in the respiratory CO2 than
in the plasma COz and both samples collected 5 minute
after single injection of CU02 were almost same in
their SA of CUOz This fact means equilibriation of
injected CUOz into COz pool of body were obtained at
5 minuter after the single injection.
2. SA-time curves of plasma COz can be divided into
three exponential curve on the sirnilogarhythrnic paper.
First component showed abrupt decline during 5 min,
thereafter showed straight line until 60 min and showed
another slower exponential curve after 60 min. This
fact shows complex process of equilibriation of CUOz
injected through at least 3 distribution compartments in
which diffusion velocities of C02 were different each
3. CO2 pool were calculated by isotope dilution principle
obtaining the SA of CUOz at t=O and t=5 minute
by extrapolation on the SA-time curves. The former
value uncorrected was 162mM and the other value
corrected was 154.3 mM. There are about 5% difference
between uncorrected and corrected values. accordingly
CO2space showed 47.7% and 45.3% respectively.
4. Turnover rate of CO2 pool was calculated from
slope of SA-time curve and obtained 65%/hr. Thus
mean of 100.5 mM/hr of CO2 were turnovered in the
CO2 pool. On the other hand. total CO2 production rate
was showed mean of 93.6 mM/hr. Therefore, almost
of COz furnovered from COz pool was expired into
respiratory COz and about 7% of turnovered CO2 was
incorporated into another substrates in the body.
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