『오경백편』의 선사와 규장각의 문서 행정
The Transcription of 『Ogyeong-Baegpyeon(五經百篇)』 and the Document Administration of Kyujanggak(奎章閣)

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서울대학교 규장각한국학연구원
한국문화, Vol.60, pp. 97-135
규장각문서 행정transcription(繕寫)Ogyeong-Baegpyeon(五經百篇)king-edited book(御定書)Naegakseonsailrok(內閣繕寫日錄)Kyujanggak(奎章閣)the Document Administration
The 『Ogyeong-Baegpyeon (五經百篇)』, printed from woodblock in 1798, is a king-edited book(御定書) for which King Jeongjo selected by himself 100 sections from the Five Classics. King Jeongjo ordered the officials of the supreme local government office of Gyeongsang(慶尙監營) to copy out fairly the engraving sheets that were necessary to engrave 『Ogyeong-Baegpyeon』 in Janggye style(狀啓體). The king’s intention was to take the thick and simple handwriting style of Gyeongsang province, while restoring the thin and slanted style then in vogue to pure one.

This article examined the processes of transcription where the handwriting shape of woodblock 『Ogyeong-Baegpyeon』 had been made by analyzing 『Naegakseonsailrok(內閣繕寫日錄)』. The officials transcribed three copies in the supreme local government office of Gyeongsang in 1795, then two copies in Kyujanggak(奎章閣) in 1797. Among the king’s various rewards for those officials, the most special was rapid promotion in that office.

Also, this article examined the document administration of Kyujanggak by analyzing the official document delivery system between Kyujanggak and the supreme local government office of Gyeongsang during the transcription process of 『Ogyeong- Baegpyeon』. Kyujanggak, under the king’s order, issued king’s writ directly to Gyeongsang governor while the governor’s reports of writ receipt were received by Imunwon(摛文院). Such practice indicates that King Jeongjo placed Kyujanggak in relatively higher rank among king’s immediate advisory and secretarial institutes.
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