Electrical Stimulation of the Anterior Cingulate Cortex in a Rat Neuropathic Pain Model

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Park, Se Ik; Oh, Jin Hwan; Hwang, Yong Sup; Kim, Sung June; Chang, Jin Woo
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Acta Neurochir Suppl 99: 65-71
Electrical stimulationanterior cingulate cortex (ACC)pain modulationneuropathic pain
Background. Electrical stimulation is currently employed to treat
several neurological conditions, including pain and Parkinson’s disease.
It is one of several minimally invasive alternatives to drug treatments for
painful conditions. A number of studies have shown that the anterior
cingulate cortex (ACC) plays an important role in the processing of pain
and pain modulation. The purpose of this study is to investigate these
neuropathic pain-relieving effects by delivering electrical stimulation
into the ACC of rat models.
Methods. Following the approval of the AAALAC and the Guidelines
and Regulations for Use and Care of Animals in Yonsei University, rats
were subjected to surgery under pentobarbital anesthesia (50mg=kg,
i.p.) to produce neuropathic pain. Electrodes were bilaterally implanted
into the ACC with a metal holder for the electrical stimulation. The effect
of the electrical stimulation of the ACC on the rat neuropathic pain
model was measured by the von Frey test.
Findings. The effect of electrical stimulation of the ACC on neuropathic
pain was shown during stimulation at 30, 40, 50, and 60min, and
at 10 min after stimulation. In the pain ACC stimulation group, the response
of mechanical allodynia was significantly reduced during the time
of ACC electrical stimulation.
Conclusion. The mechanical allodynia of the neuropathic pain could
be modulated by ACC electrical stimulation.
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