신경신호 계측을 위한 평판형 다중미세전극에 관한 연구
The study of planar-type multichannel microelectrode for recording neural signal

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전상범; 박세익; 김성준
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대한의용생체공학회 = The Korean Society of Medical & Biological Engineering
제24회 대한의용생체공학회 춘계학술대회, pp. 98-99, 경주, 2001년 5월 25-26일
Planar-type multichannel microelectrode is
developed for culturing neurons and recording
action potentials of them. When recording the
action potentials, the characteristics of
passivation layer are very important because
the electrode is surrounded with solution that
has various ions. As a result of experiments,
the impedance of dielectrics changed as time
passed. The impedance of silicon dioxide
layer was greatly decreased. And the
impedance was almost same in case of the
sandwich-structured layer. But the impedance
of the silicon nitride layer decreased little.
Beside the impedance of the passivation layer
has increases by increasing the depth of the
nitride layer. To decrease the impedance of
electrode, platinum black was electroplated on
gold electrode site. For many reduction
potential the electroplatings are performed.
and the optimum condition was found
according to viewing the SEM(Scanning
Electron Microscopy) of the plated sites and
measuring the impedance of the electrode
before and after plating.
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