韓國 文化ㆍ歷史 地理學의 硏究動向과 諸問題
Research Trends and Perspectives on Cultural and Historical Geography in Korea

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서울대학교 국토문제연구소
지리학논총, Vol.10, pp. 41-53
Cultural and Historical Geographers are all human geographers who have developed a distinct point of view as to time and space. Cultural and Histrorical Geographers haver different objectives and approaches each other, if not implicitly, however they have closer relationships with compare to other fields of geography, both interested in more time bond than space. This review deals with five headings such

as History of Geographical Thought, Culture Areas, Cultural Landscapes, Culture History or Geography behind History, Past Geography, and a brief mention of environmental perception. Within the five headings, studies on cultural landscape and culture history have been more active than other three

headings mentioned the above. Due to a short history of research activities and a limited number of research workers in Korea they cover a part of the fields, and most of are short papers except a

few monograph or book length studies. Monograph or book length studies are Ceo-graphy of Korea in 15th Century by Do Yang Rho, Old Maps of Korea by Korean Library Science Research Institute, and Folk Houses in Korea by Bo Woong Chang. Research trends may be summerized that there are little cooperation with other fields such as anthropology, history, and ecology except some studies. It is also true that there are little influence by the quantitative techiques and social science research methods with compare to other branches of geography.
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College of Social Sciences (사회과학대학)Institute for Korean Regional Studies (국토문제연구소)지리학논총 (Journal of Geography)지리학논총 Volume 10 (1983)
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