茶山 丁若鏞의 地理論硏究
A Study of Dasan Jeung’ s Geographic Discussions and Researches

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서울대학교 국토문제연구소
지리학논총, Vol.14, pp. 1-16
This study is an analysis of Dasan Jeung's geographic and geography-related discussions in 19th century, Chosun (Korea). Dasan was a very important pragmatical philosopher who had respected practical utility, in dustrial tech-niques and skills, national wealth, and people's wealthy economic life strongly.

Respecting these aspects above mentioned, Dasan wrote many geographic discussions and researches. The author of this paper found out 19 geographic works from Dasan's Collection of articles and books, Yohyoodang-jeunsoh and analized the works. From the analysis the author gained following outcomes.

Dasan Jeung's three forms (or methods) of description-discussion were discourse, verification, and recommendation. His geographic and geography-related works are historical, utilitarian, and self-respectable in nation level. These three aspects sere found out from his many works. Of many works, pure and semipure geographic ones are Gangyokgo (Study og Korea's Territory), Jirichaek (Comments of Korea's Territory), Jirichaek (Comments of Geography), Poongsooron (Geomancy), Gang-kyeigo (Study of Korea;s Boundaries), and Moondongsohnambook (Question of Cardinal Directions).

And Dasan's geographic thoughts found out by the author are thought of relativity of geographical cardinal directions, viewpoint of natural environment-state survival and development relationship, viewpoint of natural envronment-agriculture relationship, anti-geomancy thought, and anti-diferential thought in regional preference.
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