금융산업의 환경 변화와 법적 대응 -영국의 개혁법을 중심으로-
Legal Implications of the Changing Financial Services Industry Environment

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심영; 정순섭
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서울대학교 법학연구소
법학, Vol.44 No1 pp.24-46
영국 금융통합입법금융시장의 현황과 발전과제건전성규제와 업무행위규제영국의 금융산업 규제감독체제
In financial markets around the world, there have been significant changes.
Over the last 30 years there have been growing trends towards globalizing
financial markets and increasing blurring of sectoral boundaries dividing banks,
securities markets and insurance companies. These trends make national policy
makers consider initiatives to reform financial regulatory and supervisory
structures. Major Asian financial markets also try to ensure their markets are
efficient and competitive. Korea also needs to examine current financial market
and its national regulatory arrangements in order to secure long-term
competitiveness with other Asian financial markets and to cope with changing
financial markets in the future.
This article tries to analyse the UK financial regulatory and supervisory
arrangements. The UK is the first major international financial center to adopt
the single regulator model and to enact the single integrated financial act, the
Financial Services and Markets Act 2000(FSMA 2000). Chapter Ⅱ discusses
the UK's policy to reform the financial regulatory and supervisory structure.
Chapter Ⅲ analyses the UK's past financial regulatory and supervisory
arrangements. After focusing on the UK's single regulator, the Financial
Services Authority, in Chapter Ⅳ, Chapter Ⅴ analyses the FSMA 2000.
Chapter Ⅵ draws some conclusions on the issues of adopting the UK system
in Korea.
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