스트랩다운 탐색기 유도탄의 PNG에 적용되는 LOS rate 유도
A Derivation of LOS Rate for PNG in a Strapdown Seeker Missile

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김우현; 박찬국; 이장규
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한국군사과학기술학회 = The Korea Institute of Military Science and Technology
한국군사과학기술학회 2009년 종합학술대회, 제주, 2009년 8월 27-28알
LOS ratePNGStrapdown Seeker Missile
This paper presents the method of a LOS (line-of-sight) rate derivation from image plane values of the output of the strapdown seeker and coordinate frame transformation. The LOS rate is applied to calculate PNG (proportional navigation guidance) laws for missile. Gimbaled seekers may provide LOS directly for guidance system. However, the strapdown seekers provide LOS angles from body to target in a body frame. For PNG the LOS angles need to be changed to their rates in the inertial frame. The proposed derivation of LOS rate is verified by simple but realistic simulation of a short range ground to ground missile. The homing guidance using the LOS rate results in 10 meter miss-distance accuracy. Even though the result is similar to the one of gimbaled seeker, the strapdown seeker missile has significant cost savings advantage with eliminating the gimbals as well as eliminating frictional cross coupling between pitch and yaw tracking channels.
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