신성 고혈압견에 있어서 Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone계의 변동에 관한 실험적 연구
An Experimental Study on the Changes in Renin-Angiotensin Aldosterone System in Renal Hypertensive Dogs

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1973;14(2):161-168
by partial constriction of their renal artery. After
the constriction of renal artery, the changes in
blood prossure and body weight were measured every
week during the course of experiment for 5 weeks
and also simultaneous blood samples were drawn for
the analysis of the activities of plasma renin,
steroid, aldosterone, and sodium and potassium
The results obtained were as follow;
1. The control mean systolic pressure before
operation was 136±22mmHg. After the constriction
of renal artery, it was greatly increased within 3
days and rised up to 3weeks continuously, when
maximal value of 264±12mmHg. was measured.
Thereafter, the pressure was decreased gradually
but it remained in highter value than that of control
till 5 weeks after operation.
2. control plasma renin activities were averaged
132±57ug%/hr, After operation, the plasma renin
activities rised up proportionately with the rise of
hlood pressure up to 3 weeks The maximal value at
3 、N e c k s after operation was mean of 317±95μ g/ h r ,
which was 2.5 times of the control value. Thereaf•
tef, rcain activities were decreased gradually as "the
hlood pressure.
3. The control plasma total steroid was means of
6. 25±2. 43/lg% and there were a little variations in
that value after the constriction of the renal artery.
However, the plasma aldosteron level showed proportional
increase. These facts seemed to show that
angiotensin stimulates only to secrete aldosterone in
adrenal gland.
4‘ Na levels in plasma after the constriction of
the renal artery were proportionately incresed with
aldosterone level , while K level vice versa.
5. The changs in body weight after renal hyper
tension were from 11.8±0. 8kg in control to 12. 9
±0.8kg 3 weeks after operation and thereafter it
was decreased gradually. The increase in body
weight is supposed to mean the degree of edema
due to Na retension by aldosterone
From the above data, it can be reconfirmed that
remarkable disordered function in renin-angiotensinaldosterone
system in the renal hypertesion, and
that these changes are same with those in the typical
secondary aldosteronism.
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